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October 13, 2023 to October 15, 2023

The most important international urban art festival returns to Italy after six years. Segni Urbani & Meeting of Styles: the peaceful union between two important jams will bring alot of creative energy to Parma. The two jams are organized by the McLuc Culture association and will merge into a single event from 13 to 15 October at the Ponte Europa railway underpass in via Reggio.

In the tradition of urban culture, jams are real gatherings of artists who meet in a place to cover it with signs, colors and stories. Each according to their own inspiration, technique and vision of life. It is one of the events hosted by the large program of the Teatro Regio’s Verdi Off Festival 2023 and aims to further raise awareness of the values of urban art, of relationships, friendship, exchanges and new stimuli. An unusual combination of excitement and harmony. A great laboratory of ideas, a meeting of different styles and technical skills.La manifestazione è resa possibile grazie al contributo del Comune di Parma, del Teatro Regio, Verdi Off Festival e della Fondazione Cariparma, con il sostegno di Aurora Domus. Con il patrocinio della Regione Emilia Romagna, di RFI Rete Ferroviaria Italiana. Clash fornitore ufficiale. Con la collaborazione di Csv Emilia, Inward Osservatorio nazionale per la creatività urbana, Common Home.

Approximately 200 applications for participation were received from all over the world, 41 artists were admitted, 15 of which came from various countries outside Italy. Meeting of Styles is considered the largest urban art festival globally and was born over 20 years ago in Berlin. It takes place in over 20 countries, scheduled on numerous dates over the course of a year and whose program is periodically updated on the international website. Artists go on tour, moving from one country to another, where the events take place. A community that moves and participates by disseminating beauty and sensitivity throughout the world with its works. The theme that will inspire some of the most important urban art artists will be entitled “Va Pensiero…” Go Thought from Giuseppe Verdi’s Nabucco. An invitation to reflect on the peaceful and harmonious relationship between peoples, against all forms of physical and moral violence and all forms of oppression. Mos Italy is combined with Segni Urbani2023 convention on urban art created in 2015 by McLuc Culture. The last edition took place in 2018 and was postponed several times after the pandemic.

Segni Urbani 2023 with the Meeting of Styles intends to stimulate artists to reflect through their art. Creativity is an expression of the soul, without boundaries. It flies through the air and through the centuries, it flies on golden wings uniting different generations and cultures for a better world. With the artistic direction of Fabrizio Maci, volunteers, members of the McLuc Culture association and the citizens themselves, they will welcome many artists from different nations and from Italy. In a meeting of styles precisely.

Over the three days of the event, in addition to the graffiti jam, the program includes: 1. A workshop for a group of young people to learn the basics of drawing, planning and the collective creation of a work. Conducted by Dase, an artist member of the association. 2. A talk on the art of graffiti, at 6.00 pm on Saturday 14 October at the Federal Youth Center. The talk will have Luca Borriello, director of Inward, the national observatory on urban creativity, as coordinator and the journalist founder of Another Scratch in The Wall as speaker, with interventions also from some of the festival’s guest artists.

The artists admitted to the event, in alphabetical order, are: Andrea639 – Italia, Asem – Spagna,
Concept Riki – Italia, Dase – Italia, Diocondor – Italia, Dizi – Germania, Go Gonzo – Svezia, Guel Do It – Portogallo, Hot in Public – Italia, Je 73, Italia, Julien – Italia, Le Vernis – Italia, Kasy23 – Italia, Kler – Svizzera, Manz – Spagna, Mike128 – Italia, Mister Oreo – Germania, Moin – Svezia, Mozone – Italia, Mr Carsa – Italia, Octofly Art – Italia, Pocket Cloud – Italia, Pout – Germania, Rameist – Italia, Rode – Spagna, Stella Bosini – Italia, Royal Venom, Cipro,  Rusty – Italia, Sowet – Italia, SoFreeSo – Svizzera, Spant One – Grecia, Sper – Italia, Tackle Zero – Italia, Ufo – Italia, Wioimaz – Italia, Wios – Spagna, Wiz Art – Italia, Zarkoner – Italia, Zoyer – Francia, Zulia – Italia.

These artists will donate their works to the city, to the citizens and to all those who pass through the underpass. Most of them will resume the tour in other countries. But what matters above all is the creative act, the overall execution in a given moment. The works on the wall represent the story of the alchemy of an infinite moment, more for its intensity than for the time we are used to giving importance to. Urban art was born to be an ephemeral art that does not have the vocation to be preserved, precisely because it relies on the passing of time and atmospheric phenomena. As in all urban art jams, the works remain on display for some time before being replaced by new works and new creative acts.

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