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Meeting of Styles Copenhagen 2022 check the website

July 22, 2022 to July 24, 2022

Meeting of Styles Copenhagen (MosCph) takes place at Axel Torv, in downtown Copenhagen, right next to Tivoli – the world’s oldest amusement park and Denmark’s most popular tourist attraction – a 5 minute walk from Copenhagen Central Station.

At MOSCPH you can enjoy a rare and exclusive experience, when you get the chance to watch 50+ painters from all over the world – creating the most incredible works of art, up close.

Meeting of Styles is the worlds largest street art-, mural- & graffiti festival and takes places on 25-35 different locations every year – That’s one every 2 weeks! Each event has it’s own team, and in Copenhagen we’re trying to do something unique.

We’re a fairly small (50 artists) event since we insist of being located in the heart of Copenhagen. Adding to the central location we’re super strong on social atmosphere, to nurture strong long-term relations between artists, volunteers, visitors and organizers.

Strong relations between International and Scandinavian artists

Challenge artists and visitors’ synergy

Unique and surprising Copenhagen experience

Playground for initiators

Experimental space

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