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Meeting Of Styles in Chiang Mai, Thailand 2015

April 17, 2015 to April 18, 2015

The first Meeting Of Styles in Thailand. This year MOS are headed up north to the beautiful and cultural city of Chiang Mai. Chiang Mai has become a city where the arts and crafts culture is widely accepted and praised.


Phetkasem rd.
mos-logo (1)


Dvise BA BNA DIA, Australia (letter)
Sirko MSCRW, Ukraine (letter)
Royal MHS DOA WYS, Poland (letter)
Poas AMF KOC, Australia (letter)
Foner BYS, Switzerland (letter)
Suglas LJDA, Canary Island/Spain (letter)
Talu SNE, Brazil (letter)
Keber WS, Morocco (letter)
Ares EDK BF, Switzerland (letter/character)
Tones EDK DVS, Switzerland (letter/character)
DiamondOne DTF, Newzealand (realism)
Mate Two DTF BDC, England (letter/portrait)
Codefc DTF, UK (letter)
Dr Drex One Truth, Switzerland (character)
Chiez OGR, Germany (letter)
Sik KAPS HOTAIR, China (letter)
Damt HOTAIR, China (character)
Hean KODS HOTAIR KOP, China (letter)
Mok1 TYC KOP, China (letter)
Semik FEK KDG, China (letter)
Bok KOP, China (letter)
Ukay, China (letter)
Jungle, China (character)
Gt HNP, China (letter)
Mt HNP CGG, China (character)
Reoz, China (letter)
Anoir NC LGS, Vietnam (letter)
Kong LGS TSK, Vietnam (letter)
Baum Flogirl, Vietnam (character/letter)
Sloch 10S, Vietnam (letter)
Cunky BA, Vietnam (letter)

***Thai Writers***

BC Crew
Omer = letter
Pong = letter
Sec = letter

DOG Crew
Cas RUA = character
Marker = letter
Nhha = character
Suisun = character
Jeys = letter

YSW Crew
Dbt RUA WYS = letter
Jesus103 RUA MHS = letter
Gumdik RUA = letter
Sira RUA TK = letter
Side DMC = letter
Deio = letter
Zarim = letter/character
Noser TK = letter/character
Kang444 RUA DMC = letter/character
Dizer RUA JET = letter
Laxz RUA TK = letter
Triple BNA = letter
Lhorn = letter
Biser = letter
Bose TK = letter

Gobland33 JET = character
Pakorn BNA = 3D, character
Alexface = character
GohM = character
Dea DBK = character
Mr.Bows DTF = letter, character
Poison DTF = letter
Pkone SEA = letter
Tccy SEA = character
Staone = letter
Soper = character
Mauy Cola = character
Dee Mhee = character
Bonus TMC = character
Hootive TMC = character
Ball = character
Chun Smith = character
CSM = character
Cnp SEA GFL = character/letter
Yearo GFL BR = character/letter
Luxlay = character
Cpsdude = character
Brightside = character
Spanky = character
Ping = character
Bride CRY = character
Artmy = character
Sanchai = character
Ekos1 OMG = letter
Dee sweet drug = character

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