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Meeting Of Styles Milan, Italy.

May 30, 2015 to May 31, 2015

The preparations for this massive event are in full progress, artists are booking walls. Its Milan Meeting of Styles and you dont wanna miss it!

Artists: Easy, Fosk, Jin, Maioky, Marte, Mate, Poms, Prosa, Woit, Yems, 1107, 140ideas, Acme THP, AEROES, AK, Bigtato, Mr. Blob, BOC, SML, Boombox, Boxe, Calmo Lorenzo, CARLOS BOBI, Cheone, CKC, Clog2 & Ink, Coer, Coze, Crea, Dado, Dest, Mr. Woodland, DHS, Docta, Doudou, Draks, DSK,
Dyox, End, Fader, Fanta, FAT HEAT, Mr. Zero, Fenix, Gebes, Gent48, Gore, Granzeta, Inca, Incranio, JAB Paride, Jaden, Janko Pocuca, KAGE OMBRA, Kaisy, Karski, Keber One, Key Detail & Yu-baba, Kkade, Koso, LDK, Loste, Made, MAGENTA, Malakkai, Missy (Rensone), MORK – nik mok, Nasca, Neon, ODV, Ores, Overspin, Ox crew, Peeta, Perone, Phiesta, Phoenix pointless, Piove
Pito, Pixeljuice, Plus, Pref, PSA , Psicho, Reak, Relay, Rensone, Reser, Rosk, , Sabe, Said , TSF, TAD, SCO, TDK, TWE, VMD and many many more.


Via Concordia, Trezzano sul Naviglio – Milano

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