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M.I.A.U. Fanzara Festival 2018 check the website

July 05, 2018 to July 08, 2018

This will be the 5th festival and the organization continue with the objective of promoting art and culture, critical thinking, bringing urban art closer to rural areas.

The artists that will take part are: Axel Void (Miami, USA), Bifido (Naples, Italy), Boa Mistura (Madrid), Carlos Callizo (Murcia), Dan Ferrer (Madrid), Jofre Oliveras (Barcelona), Elsa Guerra (Barcelona) , Medianeras Murales (Rosario, Argentina), Andrés Reyes (Castelló), Costi (Fanzara), Tono Cruz (Canary Islands), Zukdance (Madrid), Pepa Cases (Vila-real), Dani Chiva (Ludiente), Ricardo Cases and Pablo Casino (València), Pink Intruder (València), X. Pegueroles (Vila-real), Meter Mano Rara (l’Alcora), Desvelados (Castelló), MIB Organ Trio (Castelló), A QuatreCordes (Castelló).

In this edition, They added a solidarity program, through the exhibition “No Borders” aimed at raising funds for the projects that the Benvinguts Refugiats Menorca Platform manages on the Eastern European border.

In addition, the MIAU continues its relationship with MARTE (International Fair of Contemporary Art of Castelló) that this year proposes the activity “3 + 1 Intertrànsit”, in which the artists will participate: Mari Carmen Vidal, Lluna Llunera, Myriam Moreno, Carlos Asensio, Carmen Ferrando, Juan Flores and Laura Avinent.

All the participants will repeat the experience of previous guests and will live during the four days of the Festival with the residents of the municipality. The fanzarenses reopen their houses to accommodate them, generating the opportunity to exchange experiences of very different worlds, all within the social project that constitutes the essence of the MIAU-FANZARA.

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