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Live Painting by Belin in Madrid

July 22, 2017

Creation is the main food for enrich ourselves emotionally. This activity is not an event, it is an invitation to change your life.The name is BELIN and its presence will be accompanied by live performance and good music.

Miguel Ángel Belinchón Bushes, generally known as Belin, was born in the Spanish city of Linares and studied art at the secondary school in Jaén (Spain), even learned most of his art as a self-taught. Using sprays, his hyperrealism goes to the point of creating incredibly realistic faces and almost living staring eyes.
Belin is one of the most popular street artists not only in Spain but worldwide because of his unique mix of Street Art, Realism and
Post Neo-cubism. His name is a symbol of the evolution of urban art.


Place: Caixa Forum, Madrid.


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