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Lisbon Street Art & Urban Creativity International Conference 2017

July 06, 2017 to July 08, 2017

International conference in Portugal. 


Faculty of Fine Arts,
Chiado historical center, Lisbon

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July 6

Welcome session

Head of Lisbon Fine Arts Faculty research unit CIEBA/ FBAUL – prof. João Queiroz; Director of PhD program HERITAS – prof. Paulo Simões; DGArtes / MC member (to designate); Urbancreativity executive committee – Pedro Soares Neves.

Panel 1 – Material and immaterial
– Filipe Themudo – CIDEHUS-UE, UNESCO Chair in Intangible Heritage
– Colombini Alain – Centre Interdisciplinaire de Conservation et Restauration du Patrimoine, Marseille
– Nomeikaite, Laima – Street art, heritage and embodiment, – Norwegian Institute for Cultural Heritage Research

Coffee break

Panel 2, Conservation of Public Art
– Sergio Vicente – CIEBA/ FBAUL – public art research line
– Elena Gayo, Rita Amor, code of ethics for the conservation and restoration of Street Art
– Christian Gerini – When the street art changes the city and its memory: the French example of Marseille, second city of France, between public and private policy

Lunch Break

Panel 3, Sanctioned and unsanctioned
– Ronald Kramer, University of Auckland, New Zealand – The resilient nature of graffiti writing
– Oliver Walker, Susan Hansen, Before The Walls: The Changing Face of Urban Art in Black Books

Coffee break

Panel 4 – Urban public space
– Nuno Sacramento, Peackock Visual Arts, Aberdeen – deep mapping
– Peter Bengtsen – Sanctioned “street art” and the fossilisation of urban public space

Parallel program
Round tables by NUART in Lost Lisbon Hostel
Interventions in the street, Chiado area


July 7

Panel 1 – Keeping the Piece: The Contested Heritages of Graffiti and Street Art
– Lachlan MacDowall (University of Melbourne, Australia)
– Samuel Merrill (Umeå University, Sweden)
– Susan Hansen (Middlesex University, London)

Coffee break

Panel 2 – Cultural Policies
– Catarina Vaz Pinto, councilwomen for culture on Lisbon city council
– Nathalie Benoit – Directrice – Division de la promotion institutionnelle – Université du Québec à Montréal

Lunch Break

Panel 3 – Producing spontaneity
– David Demougeot, Bien Urbain artistic routes in (and with) public space, Besançon, France.
– Jacob Kimvall, and Erik Hannerz – “Kämpa Malmö – The Temporary Closing off of an Open Graffiti Wall
– Javier Abarca – Curating street art

Lunch Break

Pannel 4 – Curating and collecting
– Magda Danysz, galery owner in Paris, London, NY and Shanghai*
– Pedro Alonzo, independent curator, Boston*

Coffee break

Parallel program
Round tables by NUART in Lost Lisbon Hostel
Interventions in the street, Chiado area

July 8

Pannel 1 – Urban Development
– Sofia Pinto
– Jonna Tolonen
– Hendryk von Busse – Urban Art and Urban Development

Coffee break

Pannel 2 – Revelations
– Lachlan MacDowall – American Priors: The Ballad of Utah and Ether
– Ulrich Blanchet, Banksy Hates Graffiti

Lunch Break

Pannel 3, Research and action
– Benjamin Gaulon Director Mfa Design+Technology, The New School Parsons, Paris
– OX – Paris – author
– Rafael Schacter, anthropologist and curator, University College London, UK*
– Miguel Januário, Mais Menos, artist and U. Porto Researcher
– Cauê Maia artist and USPM (São Paulo, Brasil) Researcher

Coffee break

Pannel 4, Unlock Dialogs pannel
– Adam (Sweden)*
– Loiq (France)*

Parallel program

For the first time it will be developed parallel activities to the conference, that include initiatives that will take place from the auditorium foyer to the metropolitan area of Lisbon.

Fine Arts Faculty auditorium foyer
There will be present one interactive poster, related to the conference thematics. Also a vast quantity of specialized books in graffiti and street art will be available for purchase.

Two exhibitions
The pre launch exhibition takes place in Lagoas Park in Oeiras. The Psychogeographical guide of Lisbon exhibition will take place in Lost Lisbon Hostel, no Cais do Sodré from 9 of June to 30 of July. It will have work from Dirtycop, Nomen, Lucas Almeida, Tamara Alves, Robert Panda, Ram, Gonçalo Mar e Youthone. This exhibition it’s associated to the publication “Psychogeographical guide of Lisbon” that will be launched in the conference days.

Chiado Street interventions
During 6,7 and 8 of July it’s prepared a concentration of small scale and ephemeral interventions in Lisbon Chiado area. These will include author’s such as Robert Panda from Lisbon, Recyclism and OX from Paris, Urma from Berlim, Pura Poesia, Coletivo Transverso, and samb’art from São Paulo.

Urbancreativity camp
In informal though reflection mode, in our partner Lost Lisbon Hostel will be promoted round tables, coordinated by Nuart. Here also other activities will occur such as music, movies, and informal debates.

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