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September 07, 2020 to October 09, 2020

After the previous editions’ success, the 4th edition of Leiria, walls with history: ARTE PÚBLICA is happening until October 9th.

The event includes:
• Artistic interventions on medium and large facades as well as exhibitions by national and international well known artists that link their artistic language to urban art, as they will live and feel our city in artistic residences during the event;
• As well as the development of other parallel activities.

“Leiria, walls with history: PUBLIC ART” is a public art event organized by the association Riscas Vadias, in partnership with Câmara Municipal de Leiria, and curated by Ricardo Romero | Matilha Project.

More than an artistic event, the “Leiria, walls with history: PUBLIC ART.” Intends to be a Possibility for Leiria and the future possible The event finds its justification in the undeniable preponderant role que urban public art Currently assume in Portugal and in the world, in the inventive and even character that art and culture can and should take on in the creation of the future / hope of any society.

But it also finds its relevance in Leiria, in its characteristics, specificities and singularities, in its weight and scope, not only as physical territory, municipality and district capital, but, essentially, as a land of dreamy, creative, enterprising and working people.

Participating Artists: 





The artistic aspect of the event – interventions and exhibitions – has the mail goal, the affirmation of Leiria as an “art gallery” in a new artistic / cultural tourism scene of national and international scope, and recognition of this as an obligatory visit point in the urban public art tour; promote the creation and dissemination of urban public art; and the affirmation and recognition of the identity of Leiria through the representation and homage to the historical heritage (built and natural), to intangible heritage and to historical figures from Leiria.

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