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March 06, 2019 to April 30, 2019

Exhibition ‘Le Monde Analogue’, featuring analog street photography, was opened at Art Stalker Gallery in Berlin. At the same time, this is the first public event of the community Le Monde Analogue, which is dedicated to promoting film photography by attracting submissions from all film photography lovers every day. In Berlin, 39 authors from 27 different countries from all over the world presented their work, which celebrates street as the place of action, everyday life as well as exciting events, the place where people connect and meet while transiting from one place to the other.

In general, the concept aims to promote street life and street art, as well as creating art work in a group rather than in isolation. Therefore, unlike typical vernissage, the opening brought a live graffiti spraying across the 3m x 2m large installation of 42 photographic prints on canvas. Spraying was done live by two graffiti artists: Alex Riser from Berlin and Alek Leaf from Belgrade. The video of live spraying can be found here:
Following the live spraying in front of audience, the installation was dismantled and individual art works remained exhibited in the gallery. The exhibition remains open for the rest of March and April.

Our aim is to organize such an event every year and each time in a different city. Maybe one day there will be several such events in different places in the world happening simultaneously.

Le Monde Analogue was founded and organized by Croatian photographers Jadranka Kljajic and Anita Krisko.
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