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Jusqu’ici tout va bien by Murmure check the website

October 15, 2022 to November 26, 2022

Paul Ressencourt and Simon Roché alias «Murmure street» are back at Galerie LJ in Paris for their new solo show «Jusqu’ici tout va bien» (So far so good). Two years after their «Garb-age» exhibiton, the duo has evol-ved both in terms of techniques and symbolism, with their take on our world getting wider with new subjects. Through a series of black chalk drawings and acrylic paintings, Murmure stages in their works the human absurdity in regards of habits, and highlights our blindness and inaction when it comes to climate change. The hyperrealism serves the message the wish to convey.

This exhibition presents the absurd paradox of certain current situations where reality regularly exceeds action. The duo is introducing to the public works they have been working on for months that will put the viewer in front of his own contradiction whilst preserving a form of poetry and a great freedom of interpretation for each artwork.

Murmure Street

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