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Jim Avignon: SOCIETY OF THE SPECTACLE check the website

August 12, 2021 to September 12, 2021

2 years after the ominously called exhibition “Here Comes the Bad News”, Jim returns to the gallery with a display of more than 70 artworks, video & sound installations.

Jim Avignon’s third solo exhibition at Urban Spree Galerie in Berlin is called “Society of the Spectacle” and already quotes Guy Debord, the co-founder and mastermind of the Situationists, in its title. In his main work “La société du spectacle” from 1967, Debord describes a society that celebrates the superficial, wants to find fulfilment in consumption, looks at and admires itself in the media and considers everything measurable and buyable…. and Debord didn’t even know about the internet and social networks!

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