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INVISIBLE / John Kviar solo show check the website

October 01, 2016 to November 03, 2016

Of the invisibility of the feelings.

Feelings suffer from indisputable presence but often disputed, too often for many…

Here, John Kviar gives us access to a unerverse where respect, humility and sharing govern the slightest brush stroke, while erasing itself to disappear in the anonymity possible. 
A lack of identity that is not without reminding us the secret identity of the graffiti, which can be your brothers, your spouses, your fathers, your teachers…
To all this is added a nice dreamlike interlude, inspired by the surrealism of life scenes that only a graffiti artist can have the chance to live.

Nice balance between finesse, technical and daydream, JOHN KVIAR is a kind of polynomial, certainly sometimes with a lot of second degree, but especially a lot of “undetermined”…!
 The equation solved between talent and sensitivity. But the best still is to come and see and make your own mind.

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