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International Public Art Festival – Cape Town check the website

March 01, 2023 to March 05, 2023

On the 1st March 2023, Company Gardens, Cape Town will officially open doors to the International Public Art Festival.

As you might know from the previous editions, they love “firsts” in addition to their usual programme!

The first time that IPAF will be hosted in beautiful gardens of the city centre.

The first time we will include public art installations and sculptures.

The first time we will include Augmented reality animated street art murals.

The first time the public art conference will welcome international experts.

IPAF collaborates with leading local and international public artists to commission and showcase site-specific public artworks that form part of Cape Town’s public community spaces, reflecting and adding to the diverse culture of Cape Town and its society. Explore the Festival Art Route and encounter its splashes of public artwork weaving across Cape Town’s City Centre over IPAF 2023.

Artists will creatively install thought-provoking public artworks curated according to the festival theme of “What If?”. Through their artworks, artists look back to alternative histories, peering forward towards speculative fiction, all while questioning the current status quo and accepted norms. This year’s theme seeks to push the boundaries of the ‘known’ to expand minds, spaces and societies.

The festival consists of a carefully curated series of public artworks spread throughout the streets of Cape Town’s CBD, which can be explored by following the Art Route Map. The Art Route begins at the Festival Hub at Cape Town’s Company’s Garden.

At the Festival Hub, you can collect a self-guided Art Route map or book a Street Art Tour with experienced and trained guides to gain invaluable insight and knowledge. Alternatively, come and mingle with the festival creatives, join a workshop, or listen in on a panel discussion at our Public Art Conference, all within walking distance from Cape Town’s Company’s Garden.


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