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September 15, 2017 to September 17, 2017

FESTIVAL IMINENTE is returning to Oeiras after having gone to London to try to boost up the spirits of the local Portuguese community while also showing the Brits why the Lisbon scene is burning. Mission accomplished with flying colours. They’re now returning to base for the original mission. To show the new music and new art in an experience of intense collective intimacy.

Curated by Vhils and Underdogs. Produced by UAU, in an initiative of the Oeiras Municipal Council.

“Festival Iminente is a celebration of a genre of art and music that is capable of breaking down walls, barriers and borders and bringing together people from different cultures who share a love for art, ideas, and the will to continue the concept of a real European community. This festival embodies the spirit of creativity, resistance and cooperation that this alternative European community represents in the face of the growing tide of intolerance and sectarianism sweeping over Europe and the world.”

To make things even more democratic, this year we’re announcing the date when the tickets go on sale. Just so you take us seriously when we tell you that the tickets are limited. Iminente is 3 days. Each day equals a ticket. Each ticket costs 5 Euros. And believe us, tickets are really limited. 3000 per day. We just can’t squeeze anyone else in.

 Tickets go on sale on 29 August at 4pm.



 Visual artists:

 ±MaisMenos± (PT), Berru (PT), Bordalo II (PT), Draw & Contra (PT), Estúdio Pedrita (PT), Fábio Colaço (PT), FAHR 021.3 (PT), Felipe Pantone (ESP/ARG), Glam (PT), Jorge Charrua (PT), Kruella d’Enfer (PT), Maria Imaginário (PT), Mosaik (PT), Obey SKTR (PT), Pedro Coquenão | Batida (PT), Teresa Esgaio (PT), The Caver (PT), Vhils (PT), Youth (PT)

 Music acts:

15 September:

TRKZ (MZ), Young (PT), You Can’t Win, Charlie Brown (PT), Kroniko (PT), Slow J (PT), Scúru Fitchádu (CV), Halloween – Unplughetto (PT), Throes + The Shine (PT), Mike El Nite (PT), Capitão Fausto (PT), DJ Yen Sung (PT), Orelha Negra (PT), DJ Marfox + DJ Nervoso (PT)

16 September:

Cachupa Psicadélica (CV), NBC (PT), Vado Más Ki As (PT), Chullage + Guests (PT), Karlon (PT), Hollyhood + Guests (PT), DJ Big (PT), Regula (PT), Shaka Lion (PT), Branko (PT), Enchufada Na Zona (PT), Xinobi + Moullinex (PT)

 17 September:

Pro Seeds (PT), Noiserv (PT), Bruno Pernadas (PT), Rocky Marsiano & Meu Kamba Sound (PT), Capicua (PT), DJ Maskarilha (PT), Carminho (PT), DJ Ride + Vhils (PT)


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