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Hendrik Czakainski – SWITCH-OVER check the website

October 26, 2018 to November 24, 2018

In his early years, Hendrik Czakainski extensively explored the recomposing urban spaces of Berlin with his skateboard. Later, during his travels around the globe, he realized the speed and ever-expanding footprint of human activities on a global scale.

The 21st century is considered as the « Urban Age », in which 2/3rd of the human population will strive by 2050, compared to only 10% in the previous century, with foreseeable consequences.

Through his large wall sculptures, Hendrik Czakainski transforms these ominous urban phenomena into a deep, poetic and new formal language.

Using simple and light materials, Czakainski creates imaginary relief structures through a complex dialog between construction and painting, giving the impression of composing landscapes and narratives based on real satellite images but in effect borne out of the artist’s mind.

With his new exhibition, the artist constantly switches the perspective from micro to macro, from association to abstraction, from suggestion to construction, and back again.

« SWITCH-OVER » is the third solo exhibition of Hendrik Czakainski with Urban Spree Galerie, and our last exhibition for the year 2018.

Located in a large post industrial compound in the heart of Berlin, the independent Urban Spree Galerie focuses on cutting-edge contemporary and urban art. Exhibitions are curated monthly, and often include interventions in outdoor spaces.

The exhibition will be opened with a welcome speech and tour by the publicist, publisher, graphic artist and friend of the artist Max Dax.

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