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September 18, 2018 to October 02, 2018

Female Street Art Festival in Vienna, Austria.
18.Sept. -2.Oct. 2018

Paint Jam 29th of Sept. 10am-5pm
Yppenplatz No.4 1160 Vienna, Austria

Roo, Annatomix, Carrie Reichardt, Chinagirle Tile, Zabou, Eternalmanila, ViViProduction, Pinkinspace, Flora Safari, 6xa, Nudlmonster, Cosy & Saul & ill-ya, Rapunze, Marveline, Rytual Wallace & Mariam, Sarah Lumen Heine, Lym Moreno, City Crime, Maria Vermont

Meet and Greet at Yppenplatz No.4
Roo & Chinagirl Tile 17h 22. Sept. 2018
Annatomix & Carrie Reichardt & Zabou 17h 29. Sept. 2018

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