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Hands Off The Wall – Streetart Festival in Munich check the website

July 28, 2023 to July 30, 2023

From July 28-30, 2023, the Hands Off The Wall Festival will take place in Munich, a festival celebrating women’s art in street art and graffiti for the fifth year.  From more than 300 applications, the festival management has selected 33 female artists from Europe, the U.S., Canada, South America, Africa and New Zealand, who will design 25 walls during the festival in the neighbourhood “Werksviertel-Mitte”.


The visitors can not only watch live the creation of the street art and graffiti artworks, but also participate in the extensive supporting program of the festival opening, guided tours, workshops, get-togethers and exhibition opening of the festival.

From Friday, July 28, 9 a.m. to Sunday, July 30 in the evening, there will be live painting and spraying in the area “Werksviertel-Mitte”. Graffiti & street art workshops will take place on site on July 29 and 30. Opening with second mayor Katrin Habenschaden on Saturday at 1 pm. Get-Together in the womBar at Wombats City Hostel Werksviertel-Mitte on Saturday July 29 at 20h, opening of the exhibition at Kunstlabor 2, Dachauer Str. 90, on Sunday, July 30 at 18h.

About Hands Off The Wall Festival

Hands Off The Wall stands for concentrated female power in art. Under the direction and curation of Chinagirl Tile, the festival, in cooperation with the Verein zur Förderung Urbaner Kunst e.V., presents outstanding Kunst e.V., the festival puts outstanding female artists in the spotlight. Also this the selection of artists is top-class: Greats like LANÓ (BR), Arquicostura studio (ES), FLOX (NZ), Luna Bastos (BR) and HYDRANE (FR) are among them. Festival partners again this year are Loomit as well as the Verein zur Förderung Urbaner Kunst e.V. The festival is supported and promoted by the Cultural Department of the City of Munich, Wombat’s City Hostel, Sinalco, Boesner and I Support Street Art. The festival is under the patronage of Katrin Habenschaden, second Mayor of the City of Munich.

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The Hands Off The Wall festival was created by Austrian artist Chinagirl Tile in 2018. “Gender inequality is a sad reality in the art world. The festival is a platform to increase the visibility of women in the art scene and to honor their work,” says Chinagirl Tile, real name Caroline Taschler, who organizes the festival and also curates. Over the past five years, this has allowed her to bring the work of 150 women artists to the public and shine a spotlight on art by women.a spotlight on over 150 women artists. “The previous four festivals have shown what great work is created when women artists from around the world come together in a positive atmosphere.” She is looking forward to this year’s participants, “From photorealism to pop art to abstract art, it’s all here. Visitors look forward to see very diverse artwork.”

From Friday 28 July 9h to Sunday 30 July evening 2023 spray and paint, female artists from fifteen countries and six continents work live on the walls in the “Werksviertel-Mitte”.


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For the fifth anniversary of Hands Off The Wall, the patron of the festival, the second mayor of Munich, Katrin Habenschaden together with the curator Chinagirl Tile opens the festival on Saturday 29.07 at 13h with a ceremony and a curator guided tour of the site.

Visitors who are keen to experiment, can try out to paint with a spray in workshops on Saturday and Sunday or take part in guided tours through the grounds to the current artworks and those from previous years of the festival.

On Saturday the 29th of July at 20h Wombat’s City Hostel will host a get-together with the artists at womBAR in Werksviertel-Mitte. At the festival’s conclusion on Sunday the 30th of July KUNSTLAG will also invite the public to join the opening of an exhibition with artworks of the artists of the festival in the POP-UP Gallery in KUNSTLABOR 2 at 18h.

The exhibition in KUNSTLABOR 2 is open to visitors from 30.07.2023 to 27.08.2023 and offers the opportunity to enjoy street art even after the Hands off the Wall Festival and to purchase paintings and prints by the artists.



Fri.07.28.2023 to Sun.07.30.2023 Festival live painting at Werksviertel-Mitte, 81671 Munich, Germany.

Sa.29.07.2023 13h Ceremony for the opening “5 years Hands off the Wall” with second mayor Katrin Habenschaden, tour of the festival site.

Sat.29.07.2023 and Sun.30.07.2023 Workshops with Hello The Mushroom, Sprite & SNUB23, FUX & ALOR and illunis on the topics Paste Up, Graffiti and Calligraphy

Sat.29.07.2023 and Sun.30.07.2023 Guided tours through the Werksviertel to the artworks

Sa.29.07.2023 from 20h Artist Get-Together womBAR in Wombat’s City Hostel Munich Werksviertel, Atelierstraße 20, 81671 München

Sun. 30.07.2023 18h Exhibition opening for the festival in the POP-UP Gallery in KUNSTLABOR 2, Dachauer Straße 90, 80335 München

Sun.30.07.2023 until Sun.27.08.2023 Exhibition for the festival in the POP-UP Gallery in the KUNSTLABOR 2, Dachauer Straße 90, 80335 München

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