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Group exhibition “UNIDADES” Lima, South America

July 21, 2015 to August 20, 2015

Speaking  about identity, we have to start by talking about how much is part of us. How much do we live?

Living in Lima is a mix of cultures, a mix of races,it is a constant struggle to assess our ideals. Living in Lima is winning and losing, it is to leave room for is to leave symbols of what unites us, of what belongs to us.

Units presents four different views, in one space, presenting what we do, what we live, what moves us, this time as a group, as a unit.

Four artist in a direct conversation with the audience about identity, challenging the appropriation of parts, free interpretation of what it


Entes & Pésimo, el Decertor y JADE


Paraiso Gallery


MIRAFLORES (corner with General Suarez street)


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