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‘’Grey Scale: The art of cutting and spraying” check the website

August 09, 2018 to August 25, 2018

Grey Scale surveys the most popular, authentic and democratic form of street art to emerge in recent times. Tracing its 35,000 year old lineage from pigment blown hand prints across Asia and Europe to it’s use in political propaganda, decorative arts, industry, the punk movement and more latterly, the explosion of the form in contemporary Street Art practice.

Banksy’s visit to Bergen in 2000, where he decorated the venue for Tellé Records debut compilation alongside stencilling 100 Røyksopp promo album covers kick-started a Norwegian love aair with the stencil that is still inspiring artists today. It wasn’t long after Banksy’s visit that the likes of Dolk and Strøk began experimenting with the medium and produced Norway’s first contributions to an art movement and technique that would shortly after sweep the globe.

Showcasing work from our roster of recognised international artists alongside pioneers and emerging Norwegian names. Grey Scale includes contributions from stencil art pioneers such as John Fekner, Blek le Rat and Banksy alongside some of the most talented emerging names today.


AFK (NO), ARGUS (NO), C215 (FR), Dotmasters (UK), ELKI (UK), HAMA WOODS (NO), Jaune (BE), John Fekner (US), JPS (UK), La Staa (NO), (PL), Martin Whatson (NO), NAFIR (IR), Slava Ptrk (RU), TREF (NO), VON DIECHE (NO) & MORE along with works plucked from the Nuart collection by the likes of BLEK LE RAT, DOLK, STRØK and more.

About the Nuart Gallery

All of us at NUART believe in helping foster a global creative community. We host exhibitions, collabo-rative online and of offline projects, art events, festivals and workshops of all types. We are always looking to collaborate with other fields. Though we are primarily a Street and Urban Contemporary focused gallery, we support a strong interdisciplinary approach to ‘making’ and frequently look for alternative and interesting ways to engage the creative community. Whether it’s through a printed project, an inter-active element, or an online project, we promote the theory that all artists are multi-faceted, idea-centric individuals whose creativity goes well beyond the technical aspects of the work into the experiential and experimental side of art making and appreciation.

The gallery is a project space established as a way to utilise the networks created through the development of the Nuart Festival and other public art projects. The space aims to nurture young regional and national talent whilst at the same time hosting and producing exhibitions and public art projects from some of the worlds leading “street” and contemporary artists. Our goal is to cultivate a space where artists can develop their practice, contribute to a sense of “shared values” as well as engage the community in discussions surrounding the cultures they’re engaged with.

The gallery focuses on producing quality shows of mainly Narrative and Figurative Art, the artist as storyteller if you like. This is not an “art about art” gallery. At the same time, the gallery will be continuing to invite artists to create both sanctioned and unsanctioned work in the public space. Nuart Gallery, like Nuart Festival, is a not-for-profit organisation. All income generated from the sale of artworks goes towards covering the cost of the annual Nuart Festival in Stavanger and ensuring our continued existence.

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