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May 04, 2017 to May 07, 2017

Gargar Mural and Rural Art Festival wants to promote the artistic culture in the rural world, turning the village of Penelles into a reference point, engaging people in a unique project of which we can be proud. Also, it aims at energizing the village and promote tourism. The second edition will be held this year.

The festival hopes to generate resources that allow them to correct the effects of time and the deterioration of their streets, reinspiring hope in their neighbors.

Gargar Mural and Rural Art Festival was born from the need and the strong determination to add a distinguishing value to our village. The objective is to appreciate, encourage and give visibility to artists and alternative ways of artistic expression in public rural areas.


The exposed murals, which will cover a total of 450m2 of a wall, besides features musical performances, creative workshops, art market, craft beer tasting points and food trucks.



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