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FUSIONS by Speedy Graphito (FR)

April 27, 2017 to May 27, 2017

Speedy Graphito (Oliver Rizzo) uses emblematic imagery from the collective mind and remixes them into new worlds.

His works are a testimony for a long dialogue between the artist and the history of art as well as reflections about the contemporary zeitgeist.

Clashing emblematic images resembling visual citations of different historical eras are arranged in an unusual yet well-composed setting. Famous artworks from Pop Art, Classical Modernism as well as Comic Characters are juxtaposed. In the exhibited paintings the observer sees Tom Wesselmann’s nudes, Von Gogh’s sunflowers or Keith Haring figures staging with Japan comic hero Son Goku, Disneys popular Micky Mouse or Pokémon’s Pikachu. Under the rather generic title of the exhibition, Speedy Graphito actually wants to express his feelings towards globalization and history of art. Globalization implements the concept of synthesizing cultures of the world in order to create a unique representation, which is understood by everyone. Therefore the artist remixes images of different origins and eras, creating a image of the contemporary period of time. In the eyes of Speedy Graphito art has always been a reflection of the respective epoch, thus art has always been an expression of the inherent philosophy of each era.

According to the artist, we now live in the age of sampling, recycling and even remixing – simply Fusions. Finally, the paintings show a renewal of our past based on iconic imagery of the collective mind.

Speedy Graphito works like an explorer trying to understand the world around him. His works are all related to his individual experience and perception. He intrinsically feels eager to use globally recognized codes of imagery to express his opinion and feelings about globalization, the art market, the omnipresence of images, the internet and the new virtual worlds


Kolly Gallery
Seefeldstrasse 56
8008 Zurich

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