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‘Flor de Piel’ by Miss Van

January 26, 2017 to March 11, 2017

“Flor de piel” it’s the result of the creativity that connects with the concerns of the classical romanticism, with the more self-conscious that goes behind a new perspective that explores through the feelings across the sublime… Intimate rhetoric, personal, seeking within the vast human feelings. Miss Van fleets through all this gathering to create her artworks. It is an exercise of courtship, with a high and constructive eroticism, capable of establish new and deep lines of dialogue.

It is claimed in many occasions that the Miss Van’s characters are representations of the artist itself, but the key, in its case, does not run between what it seems, but what it really is, in essences, in knowing, in remaining true to oneself in a world of hostile appearances.—Bill Jiménez


Victor Lope Gallery in Barcelona

Calle Aribau, 75
08036 Barcelona, SP

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