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FLOMPER – Solo show by Mark Malarko @ BSMT check the website

July 29, 2021 to August 15, 2021

Mark Malarko, the Street Artist and ceramicist who became synonymous with Brick Lane shutters will be coming to BSMT this July for his solo show ‘FLOMPER’.

Much like the naive energy and clunky precariousness characteristic of his work, ‘FLOMPER’, as the Urban Dictionary suggests, promises to deliver the unexpected and something a little out of the ordinary- with a vibe!

Originally from Southeast London, Malarko’s style is an interesting fusion of the low-brow art of early skate mags morphed with the actual experience painting on bumpy shutters which led him to simplify his designs. It was when he started studying ceramics in Stoke on Trent that his work really diversified and became his go-to medium with which to bastardise his experience of everyday life. Both playful and serious, Malarko has merged the appropriation of popular culture with found objects, stylising his paintings and ceramics to elevate these ideas into something completely refreshing and outspoken.

Encompassing a brand-new collection of contemporary paintings and ceramics, ‘FLOMPER’ will also be revisiting some old classics by the artist we have grown to love.

‘FLOMPER’ will open with a private view on July 29th and the exhibition will run until August 15th. To attend the opening night please RSVP via [email protected].

BSMT is located at 529 Kingsland RD, E8 4AR and is open to the public Wed- Sun.

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