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“Exported items” solo exhibition by Grip Face check the website

November 02, 2017 to November 26, 2017

The #Exporteditems project starts in the city of Amsterdam in 2016 and continues on the island of Mallorca in 2017. The back parts of urban displays – with an special emphasis on maritime signals of canals, ports or seas – are intervened in with a clear and specific intention: to show the face B of our society.
The elements, forms and faces reflected in the interventions shape an imaginary world generated from the visual compilation of places and objects of the environment, as well as from the same contradictory society that they inhabit; a society that confronts its surroundings with two different faces. In his work, Grip Face relies on abstraction as a pictorial and conceptual resource, both in site-specific interventions and in object-based works. It maintains the bridge between public space and exhibition space, between the extra-legal and the illegal, always present in the work of the artist.

exhibition 3. – 26.NOV 2017
opening: 2.NOV 2017 19h
where: Jan Arnold Gallery – MQ
curated by: Andeas Nader / printaffaires

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