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Exhibition « URBAN ART AU PROFIT D’EMMAÜS » Paris, France

May 04, 2015 to May 20, 2015

The biggest names in street art, French and international, are mobilizing for a unique event for the benefit of Emmaus.

80 artists donate their work to be sold at an auction organized by Artcurial, home sales pioneer in urban art. All the money raised will be donated to Emmaus to fund projects to help people in great difficulty, in France and in the world.


Antoine Gamar, Ardpg, Arnaud Liard, Astro, Aztek, Babs, Bates, Brok, Brusk, C215, Colorz, Cope2, Crash, Cren, Dacruz, Démon, Dize, Doris, Edge, Ender, Fode, Frez, Fyrze, Gilbert 1, Gilbert Mazout, Gris 1, Haze, Indie, Jace, Jef Aérosol, Jonone, Kan, Kanos, Katre, Kenor, Kongo, Kouka, L’Atlas, Lazoo, Lek & Sowat, Lenz, Liza, Mad C, Marko 93, Medra, Meushay, Mist, Momies, Mygalo, Nassyo, Nasty, Nebay, Nilko, Ogreoner, OX, Poes, Persue, Pro 176, Pure Evil, Psyckoze, Reso, Rétro, Rime, Roid, Seth, Shaka, Soklak, Soni, Sonic, Steve, Stew, Tanc, Taroe, Tilt, Tore, Twopy, Wire, Xare, Zeky, Zepha, Zest.


Grande Halle, Paris

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