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Exhibition “Human Tribu” by Jorit AGOch, Roma,Italy.

May 05, 2015 to May 29, 2015

LaStellina ArteContemporanea presents Jorit AGOch  an evolving artist who, through his personal experimentation, is more and more reaching a full artistic maturity, which does not stop to just consent of the fashions, but goes beyond his innate curiosity.

The concept of tribe does not necessarily imply a territorial unit, He merges in a large community the typical representatives of the human race  investigating their face which is the main interest of his research.

In the faces executed  in such detailed way, the Artist seeks and discovers  the silence and the inner tension of the subject painted.

His favorite characters come from the rap world, which represents for Him the freedom from all social impositions.   He is attracted by the spontaneity offered from the road.

His training passes through the tags plotted on the walls of the suburbs of Naples,

He decides than to refine his technique by taking  the graduation by  the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples.

Jorit grows up in Quarto, a small town near Naples, where,  near  to the workshop of the trains,  his murals  are offered democratically to the sight of those who have the desire and curiosity to admire them. Together with famous people of the rap world,  you can also see the faces of ordinary people, precisely those  who He loves to paint more than any other  for perceiving the depth of their true nature.

Nobody would expect to see the wide range of humanity that he portrays. From the famous art critic to his bosom friend, from the  trendy character, to the neighbor.

This is his way of investigating the Human Tribe.


LaStellina ArteContemporanea
Via Braccio da Montone 93 Roma

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