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Exhibition “Complete Mindfulness” London

March 05, 2015

Stedhead & Suzko Presents ‘Complete Mindfulness’

An exploration into a new body of work achieved organically through the minds of these two current female artists. 

Suzko was born in London where she continues to live and work as a freelance artist, illustrator and muralist. Although predominantly a painter, she also customises scooters, helmets and bicycle wheels, designs packaging, album covers and clothing and also does the odd live-art performance around the UK and Europe.

 Stedhead is continuing her creative journey and passion for drawing, painting and exploring new levels of imagination, materials and colour. She regularly takes part in group shows on the Isle of Man, also exhibiting pieces in London and NYC, and has collaborated with fellow artist and DJ Goldie for the ICA, as well as exhibiting alongside him in Eddie Locks ‘The Lock Up’.



235 Old Street,  London, United Kingdom

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