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Exhibition C100 vs. HARTL // LAYER CAKE

September 02, 2016 to September 30, 2016

Christian Hundertmark ( C100 ) and Patrick Hartl know each other since their days as a graffiti writers in the early 90ties. Patrick , meanwhile Calligraffiti Ambassador, has a unique style based on classical tagging and calligraphy – Christian’s graphical style originates from his work as a creative director of his studio C100 . Their joint project ” Layer Cake ” is based on the idea of the Graffiti proscribed ” Going overs ” , the painting over the work of a another artist . In tacit agreement they paint layer to layer exciting compositions, which indeed are all based on a graffiti level but combine Christian graphical style with Patricks Calligraffiti work.


Christian Hundertmark / C100, *1974, started in 1989 with his first Graffiti sketch “Bat Man“, which was the ignition for a career as a graffiti writer for more than 10 years. In 1999 he was one of the pioneers of the German Urban Art movement. Later on he published the bestselling book series „The Art of Rebellion I, II, III & IV“, that came out in 2003, 2005, 2010 & 2016, which are labeled as the bibles of street art. His works are a mixture of graphic compositions painted with acrylic-/spraypaint, marker and collages, influenced by his background as a graffiti artist.


Handwriting and lettering is his passion. Patrick Hartl, *1976, did his first graffiti in the age of 15, at university he discovered his passion for calligraphy. His works reflect his roots and inspiration: Layer after layer Logos, Characters, Calligraphy, Tags, Posters overlay each other. Patrick creates his own wall, independent of the material he works with. He connects old craftsmanship with modern streetstyle – with a fantastic result. A master of handcrafted designs and analog works, and one of the foremost urban calligraphers, Patrick has been involved in making art for almost two decades, and his oeuvre has been exhibited in cities from New York to Buenos Aires to Munich. An avid collaborator, he belongs to the 50 “Calligraffiti Ambassadors” in the world and has painted murals across Germany and beyond.



Kienmayergasse 22
1140 Wien


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