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Emergence Urban art Festival check the website

September 12, 2016 to October 10, 2016

Seven international artists will be engaged in Giardini Naxos (Me) for the fifth edition of “Emergence Festival -The International Festival of Urban Interventions “which has among its main objectives to become the Sicilian town an open air museum.ARTIST:

Gue (Italy), Blaqk (Greece), Moneyless (Italy), Momo (USA), Ligama Salvo (Italy), Nespoon (Poland) and Massimo Paganini (Italy)

The project is included in the platform of the Institute of Culture Google, offering thanks to technology in Street View the opportunity to visit museums and Works Urbane remotely via computers, tablets and mobile phones.

Gue (Italy), facade Teocle 14/17 September palace.
Blaqk (Greece), Port of Giardini Naxos 15/24 September.
Moneyless (Italy), square Kalkis 1/7 October.
Momo (USA), Remembrance street 28/30 September;
Unless Ligama (Italy), Mural operates Rimembranze street (already realized work); Nespoon (Poland), facade 3/10 harbor area in October;
Massimo Paganini (Italy), Halkida Evia street 23/22 October.

Official web |Facebook here |Twitter Here

Emergence Festival is an event presented by Associazione Culturale “Emergence”
Via Vittorio Emanuele III, n.290
98035 Giardini Naxos Silici


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