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“Electric Mutes”

May 06, 2017 to May 20, 2017

Verona opens TRASHIK – the urban art space, the first scaligera gallery entirely dedicated to Street Art and recycling. To inaugurate the gallery, the exhibition “Electric Mutes” by artist Filippo Ranzani – aka Laminal. Musician, Dj and producer, Filippo Ranzani makes works with the most diverse recycled materials, from iron to plastic, from rubber to aluminum, and with objects found in the markets of life-use with bright creations and cyber sculptures with steampunk flavor Post-industrial.

Recycling has become a necessity; after decades of consumerism, which led us to consider every object obsolete after a few years of life, you are materializing the need to rehabilitate these objects (especially those who do not yet fall in industrial recycling chain) and give them new life, trying to sensitize the community to a healthier face consumerism savings, limiting money waste and materials, and also the problems related to waste lead to a deep reflection about the lifestyle and way of thinking about the relationship of ‘man with the environment, from which he derives the resources necessary to meet their needs.

Trashik was born from the desire of the scenographer Caterina Barbazeni to “support artists engaged in giving new life to erroneously obsolete objects and materials hastily considered irrecoverable. Freeing the object from its coded function “explains the curator” means freeing oneself from the habit of conditional consumption and infusing creativity into everyday life. ”

trashik gallery

The event will be dedicated to street artist Maria Maria Bruno “Sisterflash” of which will be exposed some spray canvas and stencils. In the gallery, totally furnished with recycled furniture, space also for events, dj set and live painting performances awaiting the exhibition, scheduled for autumn, dedicated to two great urban art artists such as Corn79 and Peeta who with their works will tell The evolution of street art and its role in upgrading urban space.

Opening:6 May at 6pm 


in via San Vitale 5

Verona, Italy

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