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March 02, 2023 to March 19, 2023

Humans have evolved, to near completion, the ability to invent and discover what we need to make our lives easier and more entertaining. We have reached a point where that is fulfilled in most parts, now AI and new life is being explored as the next stage.

‘DEVOLUTION’, the debut solo show by Gokcen Yuksek, explores this journey through the pop-surreal lens, the need of the individual and of humanity to create new life only to finally retire to a simpler, more natural way of being and consequently rediscovering ourselves back on this basic level.

‘DEVOLUTION’ is about breaking down what’s no longer needed and reconnecting with nature, devolving into a more sustainable way of life, or exploring the potential of new life forms.

With her experience as a 3D sculptor in the games and production industries, Gokcen Yuksek brings her in depth understanding of modelling with light to her oil painting practice. Having transitioned to painting in 2019 she has found it a great contrast to digital design and the two complement each other well.

Her paintings hold an intimacy, a delicacy of touch and a gentle exploration of the unconscious as her characters reveal how they interact and become one with nature.

You will be entranced by her mythical world and will leave better for it.

‘DEVOLUTION’ opens with a private view on March 2nd at BSMT (6pm – 9pm). Refreshments for the opening night will be provided by our good friends at SPRY (

RSVP for opening night: [email protected]

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