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June 23, 2022 to June 26, 2022

There is a small town in Molise that is becoming the most colorful outdoor museum in Italy. It’s called Civitacampomarano. From the 23th to 26th of June the village’s walls will once again host the biggest international street artists. The seventh edition of the Cvtà Street Festival is coming, created and directed by Alice Pasquini.

As every year, the stories that the artist will leave on Civita’s walls will be connected with the local tradition. And this year more than ever, traks of a collective story will enhance this street art gallery, this festival that will involve, as usual, thousands of people. The artists in the Cvtà Street Fest 2022 are going to be: Cinta Vidal, Daku e Icy and Sot, Akut, Ememem e Keya Tama.

Uno_CVTAStreetFest Foto:;AlessiaDiRisio

Cinta Vidal is a worldwide-known Spanish artist, famous because of her illustrations and murals, which show many points of view and perspectives, seeming to reply to everybody’s viewpoints, and to respect diversity; Iranian brothers Icy and Sot, who live in New York, thanks to their wireframe artworks will help us to reflect about imigration and borders, a topical issue in Italy and many others countries, and they will remimd us of the Molisian emigrants, both today and in the past, out of their country looking for a job; Daku an Indian artist, carries out textual works through iron gratings in which he inserts text, readable only thanks to the sun’s rays that cast the shadow of the words, reflecting – with its essential caveats – on the changeability and briefness of time; the French artist Ememem fits where we lose our gaze, so absorbed that we can’t even raise our heads, with his colorful mosaic carpets that overlap the urban fabric as a layer, and they fill and restore the gaps formed by the cracks in a road or on a sidewalk, regenerating the city; Akut, from Germany bursts with his underground photorealism and last but not least Keya Tama, a South African artist based in Los Angeles, defines his work as neo-minimalism because, through formal contrasts, he manages to merge old and new with a personal iconography.

Alice Cvtá fest

As with street art, live music comes back to Civitacampomarano, with DJ sets and live sets, and cinema screenings in the Angevin Castle, all sprinkles with homemade cooking and artisan traditions, as well as walks to discover the landscape as far as the eye can see.

From the 23th to 26th of June the Cvtà Street Fest is back, we are waiting for you!

The artists of the 2022 edition

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