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City of Gold Urban Art Festival 2015 check the website

October 04, 2015 to October 10, 2015

This years City of Gold Urban Art Festival kicks off  in Johannesburg, in it’s milestone 5th edition. This graffiti and street art event will feature international contemporaries Adnate (Australia), Above (USA), Mediah (Canada) and Solo One (UK), as well as local stalwarts Bias, Breeze, Curio, Falko, Jestr, Love, Mars, Myza, Rasty, Rekso, Tyke and Zesta. –

Grayscale Concepts is proud to present a milestone 5th edition of the City of Gold Urban Art Festival in 2015. The aim of City of Gold is to assist the growth of the local street art community by establishing Johannesburg as a destination for urban artists from around the world. The festival aims to provide a platform for exchange and interaction between local and international artists and gives younger developing artists invaluable inspiration and skills.
City of Gold Urban Art Festival provides the local scene with the cultural and creative exchange it needs, while at the same time adding a beautiful aesthetic to the urban environment, both of which play a crucial role in urban regeneration. The individual events and mural projects will attempt to activate and enhance public sites in the Johannesburg CBD and highlight the positive aspects of this art form by showcasing the finest in both international and local graffiti. The week long festival includes mural projects spanning the Johannesburg CBD, walking street art tours, and two graffiti exhibitions.

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