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“BETWEEN” by Christian Böhmer & Lea Gudrich

September 30, 2016 to October 30, 2016

44309 STREET//ART GALLERY   presents a duo show of German artists CHristian Böhmer & Lea Gudrich


Friends and studio partners for a long time, Boehmer and Gudrich have decided to join forces for this show and exhibit together. Stylistically, the strong neon accents, highlighting fragments of their works, as well as the striking aesthetic contradictions between vigorous brushstrokes and fine linework, unite their work. A shared interest in the “human condition” is what brings them together thematically, offering the viewer diverse perspectives.
It is also planned to have the artists paint a mural close to the gallery space – the exact date is to be announced¡

Lea Gudrich

“Everything in life has two sides, everything has multiple truths. Do we want to face the ugly and tough to then maybe realise, that not all is as it seems? .”[1]

Born in 1987, Gudrich soon started advancing her artistic talent within the academic system, studying Fine Arts in Rouen (FR), Trier (GER) and Krakow (PL).  Her work is shaped by the highly intriguing combination of delicate ink drawings with bold, abstract acrylic backgrounds. Her works are a continuous exploration of ambivalence: fascination and deterrence, light and darkness, feeling fear and facing it.
Gudrich’s mystical paintings allure the viewer only to confront them with existential questions about transience. Often depicting animals, the artist creates magical worlds in which a sense of dread is present behind the visually inviting surface.

Christian Boehmer

“Has modern society and with it a more complex and challending environment made us a headless, manipulable mass? Have we all become disposable, like empty paper bags?”[1]

Born in 1984, Boehmer showed a great interest in colours and shapes early on in life and found Graffiti as an initial artistic platform. Central to his work is the engagement with portraiture: the unique depiction of his personnel with bags over their heads playfully questions not only the genre tradition but also opens up an interesting discussion about individual as well as social Identity.
Working in a plentitude of different media, such as coloured pencil, chalk and acrylic paint, Boehmer still always manages to keep a mesmerizing balance between fragility and force. His compositions draw in the viewer by creating tangible tension between the characters and their energetic sequence of movements.



Rheinische Straße 16

Dortmund 44137


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