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December 22, 2016 to January 21, 2017

Is the first exhibition at Altrove Gallery that compares the modern era with the contemporary art production a duo exhibition by Canemorto & Carlo Zinelli

Carlo Zinelli was a schizophrenic housed at the psychiatric hospital in Verona. In 1953, when he was confined in the fifth and last wing of the hospital, specific for the irrecoverable patients, he started to scratch graffiti on the walls by using a brick. The graffiti radically changed Zinelli’s life and made history: his works reached Jean Dubuffet in Paris, who was theorising the concepts of anti-culturelle art and art brut in those same years, and they also attracted personalities like André Breton. The same aggressive and unsightly approach is evident in Canemorto, whose irreverent and brutal artistic production allows him to revisit Art Brut and encourage a counterculture that is extremely contemporary and cultured, within the public space.

Altrove Gallery
Corso Mazzini 178, Catanzaro (Italy)
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