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July 20, 2017 to July 30, 2017

Social and artistic project to recover the streets of Playa del Carmen which are in a state of decay. The artistic community, the corporate area and the city government are united on this first stage to improve the quality of life of a group of citizens who live in 4bis street between 25th and 30th Ave. The idea is to revitalize the image of our township and to spread civic awareness through art and culture.


calle corazón

Calles Corazón The heart of Playa del Carmen are the 2nd and 4th streets. Those first nomenclatures which seem to be forgotten today but they will recover them. They will generate a creative engine, that feeling where the streets catch your attention and make you see those colors, seducing your eyesight to recognise that there is culture in Playa del Carmen.

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