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Cagliari Urbanfest II check the website

October 30, 2023 to January 14, 2024

Τhe second edition of Cagliari Urbanfest – Generazioni metropolitane, the first urban art festival in Cagliari aims to promote urban and social re-generation in Sant’Elia district. It also plans to helpful in revaluing peripheral and degraded areas, in building social solidarity and cohesion, in involving communities in cultural and social activities by creating a direct connection between community members and artists.

Cagliari Urbanfest 2023 comprises three lines of action:

– The realization of urban art murals in the area of Parco degli Anelli (Sant’Elia district);
– Workshops focused on the relationship between art and the environment for group of local citizens and students;
– Visual arts exhibition concerning the festival’s main topic (see festival concept below).

Due to unforeseen events related to the municipal authorization process and obstacles in getting private and public funds, the opening of Cagliari Urbanfest, which was initially scheduled on July, will be postponed so it will start at the end of October-beginning November and end in January 2024.

Cagliari Urbanfest 2023 will take place in the neighborhoods of Sant’Elia, Marina, Stampace and San Michele.

Artworks by urbanKofa, Rosaria Straffalaci and Roberta Congiu will be realized in Sant’Elia. The Castle of San Michele will host “Bucolica Urbana”, group exhibition with Pietrina Atzori, Gianni Casagrande, Roberto Chessa, Ciredz, Michele Mereu, Marco Rea and Laura Saddi.

The Temporary Storing, art gallery in Stampace owned by Fondazione per l’arte Bartoli-Felter, will host a duo exhibition of artists Matteo Ambu and Freom. Spazio e Movimento, independent art space and studio of Marilena Pitturru placed in the heart of Marina district, will host another duo exhibition with the brazilian artists Catia Simoes and Mayara Scudeler.

Cagliari Urbanfest II Program

October 30-November 11, 2023

Connessioni | Mural by UrbanKofa

Cagliari Sant’Elia ‐ electrical cabin, Via Schiavazzi

Legami | Mural by Rosaria Straffalaci

Cagliari Sant’Elia, Via Schiavazzi n° 8

Impressions | participatory art intervention by Roberta Congiu

Cagliari Sant’Elia, Via Schiavazzi

January 11-26, 2024

“Biocene”, duo exhibition with Matteo Ambu and Freom

Temporary Storing – Fondazione per l’arte Bartoli Felter

Cagliari Stampace – Via XXIX Novembre 1847 n° 3/5

Monday-Friday 5-8 PM

January 12-February 25, 2024

“Bucolica Urbana”, group exhibition with Pietrina Atzori, Gianni Casagrande,

Roberto Chessa, Ciredz, Michele Mereu, Marco Rea and Laura Saddi

Castle of San Michele, via Giovanni Cinquini

Tuesday-Monday 9 AM-6 PM.

January 13-27, 2024

“Entreterras”, duo exhibition with Mayara Scudeler e Catia Simões

Spazio e Movimento, via Napoli n° 80

Tuesday-Saturday 6.30-8.30 PM

January 13, 2024

Cagliari Urbanfest Mural Tour – 11 AM

January 14, 2024

“Bucolica Urbana – Le curatrici raccontano”, guided tour through the exhibition with the curators – 11 AM

Nicola Agus Concert – 12 AM
“Impressions |Roberta Congiu”, presentation of participatory art intervention in Sant’Elia – 3 PM

Cagliari Urbanfest Talk – 4.30 PM

Cagliari Urbanfest 2023 partners are:

Fondazione di Sardegna, Enel Distribuzione, LILA Cagliari, Fondazione per l’Arte Bartoli Felter, Spazio e Movimento, Orientare S.r.l., KBH.G,, Street Art Cities, BLOCAL – Travel & Street Art Blog, I Support Street Art.

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