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“Boites et mots” by Madame check the website

January 27, 2023 to March 18, 2023

Actress and scenographer by training, Madame quickly reoriented herself towards the visual arts, sculpture, painting, then gradually collage.
Not without neglecting her first love, Madame, with various period materials (paper, wood, metal, fabrics, etc.) deconstructs ancient iconography, to make it speak (of) today.

Articulating her collage work between text and image, she builds in the studio small formats, a kind of “small scenes” in volume, which she then transposes into large posters to affix them in the street.
The small “castelets” created in the intimacy of the workshop then turn into real open-air theater scenes in the public space.
A journey from the intimate to the public that is reminiscent of the very essence of theatre, but also of the more global representation.

“I’ve always loved boxes.
First for marbles or gingerbread, for treasures stolen from my older brother as well as from life, then for jewelry or souvenirs.
These miniature havens are small mirrors that alone constitute ranges of reflection on us and our relationship to the world.
We put in a box (whether black or not) what looks like little bits of nothing of what we have been, what we are and what we will be….
Here the subjects as the temporalities are combined to erase the borders and make time a nursery rhyme more than a lament, a song to drink more than to cry … (Text by the artist Madame)

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