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August 23, 2018 to September 08, 2018

The Ibizan avant-garde based on the ethos “Art is for everybody” will come back to the white isle for its 8th consecutive edition.

As a quickie starter, BLOOP sends a free application called The OpenAir.Gallery App based on augmented reality technologies. A revolutionary app for our ways to enjoy street art, bringing it closer to everybody, anytime and anywhere. It recognises the murals instantaneously by a camera of a cell phone via augmented reality, simply by setting the camera on the artwork (the actual piece or simply a photo of the mural). All information regarding the mural or installation is visualised; name of artist, year, title and its geolocation (photo below). Start your whole new street art experience from here!

This Festival dedicated to a universal audience showcases art that is comprehensible for everybody. The 2018 HOPE edition will be new technologies leaning such as VR, AR, interactive installations, video mappings and other new arts in addition to the disciplines that have been exhibited in the previous years such as installations, sculptures,
photography, workshop for children, expositions and more. Street Artist INO who has always made signifcant noise upon his visit to Ibiza (a censored mural, followed by a rebuttal mural) will come backi for his fourth mural. Stay tuned to see what he is up to this year!

Complete programme and list of artists will be announced closer to date!

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