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August 15, 2019 to September 05, 2019

BLOOP International Proactive Art Festival IBIZA, finally unveils its full list of artists and program for the 9th year. This summer the event will open curtains in a smaller format than usual editions from 15 August to 5 September based on the theme RESILIENCE, illustrating one`s tenacity to bounce back subsequent to events and experiences. A completely free inclusive event since its zero edition, BLOOP continues to demonstrate “ART IS FOR EVERYBODY” by showcasing democratic art that is comprehensible to everybody.

An avant-garde project by Italian Biokip Labs, BLOOP now carries 9 years of history and its first micro pilot version took place earlier this year in Milan, Italy during the design week. Now this celebration dedicated to arts and people doesn`t rest and goes back home in a reduced size, IBIZA.

Nature at Rise by Pineapple Crocodile:
A massive organic guerrilla installation at Ibiza`s world heritage site. Made from 2tons of salt, charcoal and indigenous flowers

2019 summer, BLOOP goes back to basics, in terms of street art and its anonymity when the movement first began. Just like the name itself (BLOOP: mysterious ultra-low frequency, high amplitude underwater sounds) in other words, something that exists but undetectable. The event will take across the white isle but remain low-profile due to the nature of the artworks (guerrilla installations, outdoor installations and more). The canvas, spaces or venues of the festival will mainly be outdoors in visible points on the island, tourists and visitors will run into BLOOP artworks without knowing their origins. Those who wish to discover more will be able to detect the BLOOP Festival, just like the BLOOP frequencies.

Most of the participating artists will be contributing to one of their most famous project, the OpenAir.Gallery. An outdoor museum that has welcomed over 60 murals and temporary installations , open all year round to everybody. Its was one of the first when it started back in 2011. It seeks to color the urban landscapes of Ibiza, in zones where marks of real estate speculation in the past still remain today.

Optical mural by Okuda for the OpenAir.Gallery

This year one of graffiti and street art movement`s pioneers, Ben Eine will be joining the fiesta. He was one of the first names in the field, who had partnered with then emerging Banksy. Vlady, a strategist of guerrilla activism will raid the streets of Ibiza with his site specific installations. BLOOP resident artists such as the likes of Pineapple Crocodile known for their massive organic guerrilla installation at the UNESCO registered world heritage site in Spain will be coming back for more.

In synergy with the BLOOP`s ethos and foundations, internationally renowned artists and others who speak an eloquent language of their own will contribute with event specific artworks building aesthetics based on the theme RESILIENCE in the music capital Ibiza`s rich landscapes as their backdrop.

Ben Eine
Pineapple Crocodile
Said Dokins
Silva Ramacci
Tranz Lasagne
and more

A collection of murals and temporary installations scattered across the island
Ben Eine, Vlady, Said Dokins, Inti, Phlegm, Interesni Kazki, Okuda, David de la Mano, Bisser, Spaik and more
All over Ibiza island
All year round

Guerrilla Installations & Open Air Installations
Due to the nature of the artworks details will be made public after their installation

and more

BLOOP International Proactive Art Festival: the worlds`s first event dedicated to Proactive Art where the reaction on behalf of the spectator is the finishing element of each artwork. A completely free event that takes place annually on Ibiza, Spain. BLOOP marked artworks encourages a universal audience “to think” proactively.

Biokip Labs: Is a young creative agency based in Milan that specializes in organizing large scaled events, installations, prototyping, visual communication, development of the technical side of interactive installations. The agency provides many more services dedicated to creativity: a studio dedicated to video games and VR/AR development, a music studio and works with Lato Corto an association based on laser cutting production and design.

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