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August 06, 2020 to September 05, 2020

BLOOP International Proactive Art Festival celebrates its 10th anniversary in a micro format despite the series of set backs.

● Ibiza, Spain the Mediterranean gem’s tourism spotlights its abundant nature embellished with BLOOP`s Proactive Art, due to hibernation of renowned nightlife

● Art with avant-garde contents will be presented in a comprehensible language for all. Starting off with the OpenAir.Gallery project with colossal murals across the island by many leading figures in street art

● Totally independent, completely free and strictly no admission fees since its zero edition, the Festival continues to demonstrate “ART IS FOR EVERYBODY”

Nature at Rise by Pineapple Crocodile:
A massive organic guerrilla installation at Ibiza`s world heritage site. Made from 2tons of salt, charcoal and indigenous flowers

An ephemeral organic installation made with Ibiza’s local salt, coal and flowers Located at the entrance of the UNICEF’s world heritage site by Pineapple Crocodile and Montse Nadal

BLOOP International Proactive Art Festival is proud to announce its 10th anniversary this summer. From 6 th August till 5 th September the completely free independent fiesta will push open its doors in a micro format despite the ordeal the world is facing.

When the series of extraordinary events are hindering most festivals, leading them to postpone or cancel, BLOOP chooses to stand firm and spread the waves of Proactive Art. IBIZA, the haven of entertainment, tolerance and freedom is facing unprecedented changes this year. Clubs and its famous nightlife will hibernate this summer, leading the tourism to focus solely on the beaches and nature.

This is exactly why BLOOP speaks up and shouts its say for the milestone edition smaller in size, splashing colors on the white isle along the crystal blue beaches with universal inclusive Art. Completely independent and free for everybody.

In murky times like these, Art needs to enrich the soul, everybody` s with no exceptions: art aficionado or not, privileged or unprivileged, adult or child, majority or minority, everybody has their own right and it is our duty as human beings to broaden the path for who are not included. Regardless of nationality, race, sex, or any sort of superficial category that we impose on ourselves.

“ART IS FOR EVERYBODY” and everybody is strictly inclusive for BLOOP.

Mural for the OpenAir.Gallery by OKUDA

Traditionally, the foresight of artists initiated the ripple effect in cultural trends and social movements, but in recent years it seems as though the order has reversed, mainly due to society’s heavy dependance on social networks.
BLOOP has always and will continue to showcase works by artists who have avant-garde eyes,
setting forth issues of tomorrow. Though reduced in size with less artworks this year, the nature of
the artworks in BLOOP will be communicative and hold a strong message, the series of
extraordinary events and movements that are striking us in 2020 will trigger to set off the critical
minds of artists.

SEA CREATURES, APPEARANCE, CONTROL, THE BEST (arrogance), MULTIVERSE, NO FEAR, CHANGES, HOPE, RESILIENCE and this year dedicated to the theme MEMORY will be a round up the past decade of Proactive Art.

A year to remember and a year to forget, a memorable year for all. A set of 365Days, which new normalities penetrated into our lives driving us to wake emotions and raise our voices. BLOOP 10th anniversary will be an aspiration to remind us and generations to come the times we are living in and what freedom truly is, using our MEMORY.


The Equalizer, an open air installation by AMADAMA

BLOOP International Proactive Art Festival
The world` s first Festival entirely dedicated to Proactive Art with the ethos “ART IS FOR EVERYBODY” seeks to render art universal and accessible to everybody, transcending genres, mediums and all forms of art. The street art side gained reputation for the project called the OpenAir.Gallery that has welcomed more than 60 outdoor murals and installations during the years, nearly 30 works can still be seen today. In recent years there has been a slight shift towards new technologies applied to art as a new form of comprehensible language for a universal audience.

During the course of the decade this independent fiesta paved its way to consolidating its position as one of the best street art festivals in the world.

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