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“the BEAUTY of BRUTALISM” by ETNIK check the website

November 09, 2017 to December 09, 2017

Etnik is pleased to invite you to “the BEAUTY of BRUTALISM” solo show presented at GCA Gallery, Paris (Fr). “the BEAUTY of BRUTALISM” will open on 9th of November, till 9th of December.


The “BRUTALISM’’ term was born in 1954 in the United Kingdom (Brutalism) and derives from the béton brut of Le Corbusier, which characterizes Marseille’s “Unité d’Habitation” (1950), and in particular by a phrase of 1923: «L’architecture, c’est, avec des matières bruts, établir des rapports émouvantes».

This architectural style become a symbol that represents all the aggressive metropolitan landscapes that feauture every  single cities in our occidental urban imaginery.

So the concept is painting a serie of 10 works with an abstract view of a dualism between the cement masses and an explosion of the NATURE, able to regain their spaces.

About ETNIK: 

Etnik lives and works in Turin (Italy). Active since the early 90’s in the writing scene, Etnik has been searching new ways to push the limits of classical graffiti to a higher level of painting; he’s been painting large scale murals worldwide and organizing events to connect the best European artists. From 2001 his way to paint starts to evolve to geometrical and architectural forms, still working on the lettering with a mixture of urban landscapes. This way to represent and criticize the city, and painting the urban volumes as an abstract composition, is the way Etnik
works on different media from studio painting, to murals or sculpture and installation.

His works have been shown in several international galleries and published in many magazines and books.

ETNIK for URBAN AREA in Battipaglia, Italy.

Gallery Info: 

2 place Farhat Hached, 75013 Paris, France
16 bis rue Catherine Ségurane 06300 Nice, France
Tel. +33 6 09 07 75 99 / [email protected] /

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