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August 15, 2016 to September 30, 2016

Bag Out, an event dedicated to public art in the middle of South Italy. The festival is the natural path of a artistic biennal born in the 2003 and will host Daniel Eime, Manolo Mesa, Sebas Velasco, Milu Correch, Hyuro, Giorgio Bartocci, Domenico Romeo and others.

A new edition for the Biennale Angelo Garofalo – an art event created in 2003 in the little town of Lioni (Campania) to pay homage to the lamented artist Angelo Garofalo – will start on 16th July with his VII edition. The curator, as usual, is Dario Garofalo, this year helped by Francesco Donatiello and the new art director Antonio Sena.
Always in step with the new artistic trends, the Biennale, which looked at the public art yet in 2015, this year combines the traditional exhibition with public art. Several artists from around the world will paint on the city walls from July to September 2016 as Millo made last year in the center of the city.

bag out banner
In the wake of the last success, the festival looks at the street culture with a totally renewed cut, also introduced by the name change so Biennale Angelo Garofalo becomes Bag Out, where the acronym is put near to “out” which represents the outdoor nature of the event. The Biennale is focused on the enrichment and valorization of the territory through a series of public art interventions during the summer season. The Spanish Sebas Velasco and Manolo Mesa were the first artists of Bag Out who, starting from the 14th July, opened the first Bag Out edition.
Bag Out will host some of the more interesting name on the street art scene, coming from different countries, among them the Portuguese Daniel Eime and the Argentinian Hyuro, which with their presence and creations will contribute to the growth of Bag Out towards an international dimension.


Many more the protagonists, among them: Milu Correch, Moneyless, Luis Gomez, Carlos Atoche and others that will transform, enhance it, the urban aspect of the towns taking part in the event, involving many communities thanks to the power of communication and the aggregative nature of street art. One of the new aspects of the event is the desire to create a virtuous network through the inclusion and the active participation of the neighboring municipalities S. Andrea di Conza, Sant’Angelo dei Lombardi e Teora where will take place some of the artistic interventions.
Beyond the wall paintings, Bag Out will maintain the link with the tradition setting up an exhibition dedicated to the local artist Raimondo Barbieri, an old supporter of the Biennale, who recently passed away.

The opening will occur on 15th August in the spectacular setting of Villa Bianchi in Lioni.

Images for the Sebas Velasco and Manolo Mesa walls, realized in collaboration choosing the same colors, themes and linked by the rooster/chicken.

They both were inspired by the daily rural moments in Lioni and stolen the images of men working in the countryside.
The two walls are very close and represent the first contribution for Bag Out 2016.
Read the interviews with the artists, to understand the work behind the walls:

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