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“ARTinfect IV – The Exhibition” check the website

February 04, 2023 to February 25, 2023

The group exhibition shows the diversity of urban contemporary art and also gives an insight into the international development and diverse positions and perspectives of this art form, as well as the participating artists themselves.The collision of the various artistic positions leads to an aesthetic symbiosis of classical and modern.

29 internationally renowned artists from all over Germany, Switzerland, France, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Croatia, Serbia, Lithuania, Northern Ireland, Colombia, Ecuador and the USA, present their individually created works of art as part of ARTinfect IV. The works of the participating artists are presented on specially made longboards made of striking Ziricote wood.

Also presented is the book “ARTinfect IV-I – The BOOK”, published in 2022, a retrospective that sheds light on the history of the Urban Art Symposia ARTinfect I-IV (2009, 2010, 2011 and 2017-2020). Retrospectives, interviews, artist portraits and much more. On more than 240 pages, the works of the artists, their positions as well as different techniques and ways of thinking are illustrated.

In order not to neglect the temporary aspect of Urban Art, some of the artists will design a wall surface live on Saturday, 04.02.2023 from 14:00. In Live Paintings, the development of the works, from creation to completion, can be followed directly.

The gates to the official vernissage “ARTinfect IV – The Exhibition” open at 19:00.

ARTinfect IV – The exhibition

exhibiting artists:
Zeso, Bustart, Serge KB, Endo, CRBZ, Carl KENZ, Daniel Mac Lloyd, GoMad, Spoare 153, Inso Mundo, Ettoja, Kram, Tokk, Smär, DYR, Dissenso Cognitivo, Asur, Ivan Roque, Sonik One, Letop, Isakov, Ju Mu, Urku, Kera 1, Šumski, Emic, Bona_Berlin, Cren

Vernissage: Sat. 04.02.2023 / 1900 h Finissage: Sat. 25.02.2023 / 1700 h

Music: Lars Baumann & Binco (Sukura)

Live Painting:
Sat. 04.02.2023 / 1400 -1900 h Artist: CREN & KEYZ13, SERGE KB, CRBZ, BUSTART, CARL KENZ

Opening days: Fri. Sat. Sun. / each 1700 –
2100 Private
guided tours on request.

Kammgarn, Schoenstraße 10, 67659 Kaiserslautern.

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