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April 02, 2019

WORKSHOP with DINNER and a new MURAL with fresh music and drinks.

Human Nature is an artistic project that presents the most epic failures of human evolution interpreted by 6 different creatives of the art scene. Each of them presents a different point of view of the problem in a fun way in two sessions: Workshop with Dinner and A New Mural with music and drinks.

We start the first chapter with the young and talented artist from England – Alex Gamsu Jenkins. With his unique style, lots of humor, sarcasm and incredible imagination, he manages to get you out of the ordinary with ease and takes you down the path of madness and see points of view you would never have imagined. In this chapter, he will talk about our conquests to power and what all this has brought us.


April 2
Opening: 19:00h
Start of the workshop: 19:30h
Lunch break: 21:00h
Closing: 23:00h
(Carrer Comtal, 27, 08002, Barcelona)

Dont miss also:

April 9th
MURAL inauguration of the artist in the space of Metric Market with fresh music and drinks. Free entrance!
Start: 19:00h
End: 23:00h

(Avenida Diagonal, 505, 08029, Barcelona)

More information about the project:

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