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February 11, 2019 to February 23, 2019

As every year, Art Madrid organises activities focused on contemporary art that take place throughout the month of February and with which the fair invites the public to participate in a much more active way. In this edition, the program is focused on contemporary video art, especially concerning the most recent Spanish media creation.

The wide range of activities, organised by Art Madrid and curated by the PROYECTOR Festival, includes ranging from professional workshops, conversations with artists, lectures, master classes to curated screening programs; and it is maintained with the collaboration of Obra Social “La Caixa” and the Community of Madrid, through their spaces CaixaForum Madrid and Sala Alcalá 31 respectively. In addition, the program has the support of Cervezas La Virgen, One Shot Hotels and the Culture and Sports Area of Madrid City Council. With this program, Art Madrid becomes a
platform for new trends in video and media art, inviting everyone to participate in the most recent contemporary art movements.

Although it is more than 60 years old, video art is understood as an artistic expression, it is still a discipline, not too very well-known either much important in the most frequent cultural circuits. However, we are facing an expanding, growing moment of these forms of creation, in fact, video creation is one of the increasingly recurrent languages among contemporary authors. The program welcomes new projects that belong to this discipline as well as its knowledge and value, qualities that over time are reflected in the ephemeral character of this type of works and the
circumstances surrounding its collection.

Sweet dreams are made of this´ frame by Carlos Aires

The activities are presented under the curatorship of Mario Gutiérrez Cru, director of the ground-breaking PROYECTOR festival, a must-see event that takes place in Madrid consisting of audio-visual creation and its multiple elements that have worked hand to hand with hundreds of artists, gallerists, collectors and cultural institutions for more than ten years. The Program is planned into two large segments, each one organised in one of the two locations: CaixaForum

Madrid and the Sala Alcalá 31 Auditorium.
The “58 formas de mirar el cuerpo” workshop will take place at CaixaForum throughout Monday 11
and Thursday 14 of February, a unique opportunity to understand not only new media arts but
also their relationship with performing arts by the hand of the renowned creators Elena Córdoba
and David Benito. Reflecting specifically on the different ways of understanding and performing
dance practices, this workshop aims at investigating the experimental, expressive and semiotic
possibilities of body language and its relationship with space.

The Sala Alcalá 31 Auditorium will host, from Thursday, February 21 to Saturday, February 23,
conversations surrounding video art and media art screening sessions. The first conversation will bring
together specialists such as Teresa Sapey, Eva Ruiz, Marta Pérez Ibáñez, Idoia Hormaza de Prada
and Enrich Abogados in a talk aimed at creating discussion and a thinking forum. They address
issues ranging from the production, distribution, sale and exhibition of video art, to visibility,
promotion as well as its engagement with the audience.

Open to all, in this activity the participation of the architect and designer Teresa Sapey is worth
reminding, who will not only explain what factors may motivate buying video art but will also
accompany us in an exclusive screening session about her media collection; an avant-garde
collection that Francesca Sapey presents and which includes works by authors such as Bill
Viola, Candice Breitz, Douglas Gordon, Glenda Leon, Marina Abramovic, Martín Sastre, Rafael
Lozano Hemmer or Tony Oursler, among others.

Heteronimia’s frame by Márcia Beatriz Granero

Also, in this professional talk, moderated by professor and specialist in the contemporary art
market Marta Pérez Ibáñez, the researcher Idoia Hormaza leads us through the protocols of
conservation and exhibition of technological art; as well as we will delve into the most important
keys of the acquisition of audiovisual creations by the adviser Eva Ruiz, and in the legal issues
related through the experts of Enrich Abogados.

The second meeting, on Friday 22, includes a conversation with artists and the second
screening session. At this artist talk, the artists Eugenio Ampudia, Mateo Maté, Carlos Aires,
Democracia, Cristina Garrido and Rubén Martín de Lucas will present their media artworks
in a dialogue with the public moderated by the artist and researcher Daniel Villegas, offering a
unique opportunity to get to know directly their creative processes. Next, the art video session
entitled “Del cuerpo presente al cuerpo performativo” will be screened, with which the viewer is
invited to position and empower themselves through the works of the artists Vanane Borian,
Francesca Fini, Cristian Guardia, Dori & Gray, Joshua Chacón, Iciar Vega de Seoane, Érika
Ordosgoitti, Félix Fernández, Carlos Llavata and Paula Lafuente.
In the third appointment, on Saturday 23, it is worth highlighting the master class by
Rogelio López Cuenca, one of the most outstanding national creators in the media art field. The
artist, a pioneer in video languages, installation and new narratives, will make a selective journey
through almost forty years of experience. That same day, we will see the last screening session,
“Ciudades”, dedicated to the artistic experiences in the urban space developed by the creators
Daniel Lo Iacono, Dominik Ritszel, Francesca Fini, Giancula Abate, Johanna Reich, Juan Canedo
Domínguez, Katherinne Fiedler, Loïc Gatteau, Magda Gebhart, Márcia Beatriz Granero, Márcioandré,
Marina Camargo, Mehdi-Georges Lahlou, Nuno Lacerda, Rui Silveira and Sebastián Tedesco.
Fotograma de Sweet dreams are made of this, 2016, Carlos Aires
Heteronimia’s frame by Márcia Beatriz Granero

Finally, precisely between these two groups of activities, Art Madrid organises on February 20
a visit to the studio of the Guest Artist of this edition, Rubén Martín de Lucas. The participants will
be able to meet closely the creator. In addition, Martín de Lucas will present the new media works
that have been developed specifically for the fair.
With this broad Activities Program, Art Madrid is fully committed to the most recent video art forms
and narratives, which are as varied as they are complex and enriching. Thus, the fair contributes
to the promotion and knowledge of the growth video art creation that, without doubt, connected
especially with our current form of communication.

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