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Anthropologic new solo show by Murmure check the website

September 17, 2021 to October 16, 2021

The new solo show « Anthropologic » by Murmure with the Avenue des Arts gallery in Los Angeles is open!

For their new solo exhibition “Anthropologic” at the Avenue des Arts gallery in Los Angeles, the French duo, Murmure (composed of Paul Ressencourt and Simon Roché), questions the environmental and societal issues posed by human consumerist logic to the detriment of our planet. Through three series of works, different themes are approached and treated in a way specific to each one, in terms of techniques, colors or symbolism.

This exhibition marks a real turning point in the artistic approach of the duo, in regard to technique and media. Originally known for their work in black and white with black chalk on paper, for the first time, they will present their work entirely in acrylic and in color on canvas and on recycled plastic sheets, as well as their first bronze sculpture.

In the end, it is twenty-eight works that will be presented to the public, inviting the audience to immerse themselves in the artistic universe of the duo and share with them the view they have on our world while also leaving everyone a total freedom to interpret their message according to each one own sensitivities.

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