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October 18, 2017 to March 31, 2018

URBAN ART FESTIVAL 2017 is the successful collaboration between two Amsterdam based non-profit organizations: Urban Art Now and R.U.A. – Reflexo on Urban Art.  They present the 6th edition of the largest yearly Urban Art Festival of the Netherlands. Both platforms have been active for many years at a local, national and international level, organizing street art events, that include cultural exchanges, artist residencies, exhibitions, lectures, workshops, debates and tours and large-scale mural paintings.

ALANIZ (ar) – ALICE PASQUINI (it) – APSET (gr) ARD DOKO (nl) – ARTEZ (rs)-BAZINATO (by) – BESOK (nl) – BIFIDO (it) – BLO DMV (fr) – CLAUDIO ETHOS (br)-DALATA (br) – DANTE HOROIWA (br) – DAVOR SMOLJAN (nl) – DOME (de)-GOMAD (nl) – HENG (fr) – HERAKUT (de) – INNERFIELDS (de) – ISAAC MALAKKAI (es)-JDL (nl) – JUICE (nl) – KARSKI & BEYOND (nl) – KEVIN LEDO (nl) – KEZ (gr)-KLAAS LAGEWEG (nl) – KRAM (es) – KT RANGNICK (nl) – LAGUNA (es)-MARK GMEHLING (de) – MILU CORRECH (ar) – OTTOGRAPH (nl)-PAOLA DELFIN (mx) – PIXEL PANCHO (it) – PUPET (gr) – REMY UNO (fr) – SIT (nl)-SIMON FENSHOLM (dk) – SIVE (gr) – SKOUNT (es) – SOKAR UNO (de) – TAXIS (gr)-THOMAS POWELL (uk) – URIGINAL (es) – VITCHE (br) – WANDL (de) – ZED1 (it)


“The Art of Painting” – group show invites 50 prolific urban artists to show their latest work on canvas, sculptures, installations and murals on 800 m2 inside the monumental Van Gendthallen.

The group show explores new interpretations of classic techniques, translated into manifestations of urban art on canvas and murals in styles that characterize our times. Before the opening, some artists will paint several murals inside the exhibition space, the well-known 800-m2 monumental warehouse “Van Gendthallen” in the center of the city.

This year’s edition invites artists that are at crossroads of two art traditions that commonly don’t intersect, making this event a one of a kind. The exhibition will show the work of the “old masters” by renowned painters that have their roots in the street and urban art scene.

The exhibition is an official part of the famous Amsterdam Dance Event and will run until October 22nd. Urban Art Festival has a comprehensive agenda until March 2018 that includes diverse and exciting side-events as well as several mural paintings all over Amsterdam.

Festival agenda part 1 (October – November 2017)


  • 18 October 19:00 – Official opening “The ART of PAINTING”
    @ ROEST, Jacob Pontiusplaats 1, Amsterdam.
    Facebook Event
  • 18 – 22 October daily 15:00 – ADE Street Art Tours guided by local artists
    @ ART’OTEL, Prins Hendrikkade 33, Amsterdam. Ticket: € 12
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  • 19 – 21 October daily 22:00 – 3 club nights / Amsterdam Dance Event
    @ ROEST, Jacob Pontiusplaats 1, Amsterdam.
  • 26 October 20:00 – Expert panel discussion & debate about the “Amsterdam Stadscurator” – a new city official that manages and mediates everything around art in public space @ RADION, Louwesweg 1, Amsterdam.
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  • 28 October 12:00 – Street Art Market XXL @ RADION, Louwesweg 1 Amsterdam.
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  • 6 November – 10 December – Masterclasses for 6th and 7th grade students and at middle school “de Rozemarn” in Amsterdam Zuidoost.

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