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November 08, 2018 to February 09, 2019

Axel Void presents “Mundane”, a poetic and philosophical essay translated into pictorial language. Mundane means, “Belonging to the world,” our understanding of its use is often used in a derogatory sense. This series aims to explore this characterization, viewing daily life from an objective perspective to better understand and observe its beauty.

The exhibition adopts the premise of a visual essay, navigating seven key areas of metaphysical influence and its relationship to the man-made constructs we adopt in regulating our lives. The seven themes can be read as follows; Knowledge and Belief, Context or Nature, Dialogue/We, Time, Identity Me or Ego, Social Constructs and Love.

Axel Void invites the viewer to explore Mundane through a series of paintings on canvas, animations and large-scale installations.

Axel Void is a multimedia artist driven by a passionate interest in the art of storytelling. Inspired by truth in all its forms. Whether exploring the visceral realness of an uncomfortable reality, or the hazy delight of nostalgia, each work documents sincerity to the moment, presented with an almost journalistic perspective.

Axels area of interest lies in the untold stories of ordinary people, everyday moments without facade or flair. We don’t recognise the characters or the environments of these compositions there is an inherent familiarity. Through his stories we see our mothers, our siblings, our grandparents; his characters ascend to metaphors for the human condition; mourned or celebrated through our collective memory.


Delimbo Gallery

C/ Pérez Galdós nº 1 acc

Following the launch of Void Projects Creença this summer, Axel Void visits the UK for the release of his Proletarian Series exclusively at Moniker Art Fair, a mural Project with the Peoples Museum of Manchester and heads to Sevilla for a solo show with Delimbo Galley.

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