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M.I.A.U. Street Art Festival 2016

July 07, 2016 to July 10, 2016

New edition of  The Unfinished Museum of Urban Art MIAU, this third edition will be a turning point and reflection about the festival. This year MIAU  also continue working with the mural art that has contributed most of the heritage of the museum, but also they will present other lines of work and disciplines


MIAU is a constantly changing and growing project. When visiting, you will enjoy big and small artwork, lasting pieces of art, murals and sculptures. But if you are lucky enough, one day when strolling around Fanzara, you may be surprised by a cellist playing music in a square, or maybe attend a conference in the sociocultural centre, or even a film screening.

Entry to the Museum is free, as the streets of the village themselves are the museum.

ARTIST this year:

Aïda Gomez : street worker

aida gomez
AnimalitoLand : street art

animalitoland FANZARA

Arquicostura : architecture embroidery

Artinwreck : recycled wood intervention

Basurama :intervention with recycled materials

Bubbles : proyecto QRL

Dingoperromudo : street art


Hyuro : street art

Hyuro_issa_58 HYURO -Samexistens-(Coexistence)- Trollhatan, Sweden 2016.

Isaac Mahow : street art

isaac Mahow2

Ilia Mayer : street art

ilia mayer

Rodrigo Branco : street art

rodrigo Branco

Rosh 333 : street art


Trashformaciones :Trashformaciones is a group created by the brothers Paul and Blas Montoya, born in Castellón in 2002 whose aim is the creation of performances and art installations from recycled objects..

Exhibitions :

Juan Plasencia : “Fila 7”
Luis Montolio : fotos XXL
Maya Jankovic :  “La Fontana della Fortuna”
Secret Boards :   skateboards paintings


Dj Casiustonen
Daniel Chiva

The Street Small Band
Lydia López


Reclaimed Wood workshop. ART WRECK
Illustration workshop with garabage. Peoa Ruiperez Aoiz and Artemis.
Graffiti workshop. Katya and Andres Reyes
Workshop Black Book. Julian Arran


”I Support Street Art” is proud to support this Festival through its channels of Communication!

The map is also available at the village’s bars or can be downloaded here if you prefer to print it or to use your mobile device.

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Video about the first edition:

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